Competent Climber/Rescue

In partnership with ENSA North America, this training course provides, through practical exercises, the skills needed for proficiency in safe work at height and rescue within the industrial telecommunications environment. It is recommended for persons who work at height on masts, towers and aerial platforms and who are in positions of responsibility and need to respond to emergencies at height, or are required to coordinate and/or implement written company rescue procedures.

This training also focuses on providing the competent person with a depth of knowledge of the compliance requirements for implementing fall protection and fall rescue systems on the job site. Competent climbers will also gain a strong foundation in rescuer procedures and communication protocol of accepted industrial rescue best practices.

TC2003 Course Description

The exercises presented in this course are a combination of classroom discussion and demonstration scenarios, major equipment application scenarios done in controlled surroundings, and advanced skill application scenarios performed at height within multiple telecom environments.


  • In depth knowledge in competent climber/rescuer roles and responsibilities for safe work at height.
  • In depth knowledge in competent climber/rescuer roles and responsibilities for rescue at height.
  • Implement a safe work environment for authorized climbers under your direct management.
  • Site self-sufficiency when responding to emergencies at height.
  • Understand the importance of decisive action under a fast and effective response.
  • Rendering aid specific to at height emergency situations.
  • Perform a successful lowering a remote casualty.
  • Implementing through leadership a rescue procedure effectively within ICS protocol.
Fall Protection
Fall protection systems management

Authorized climber safety management

Fall protection and fall rescue planning requirements
Rescue protocol and procedures

Rope access awareness and rescue

Leadership and rescue - leading a multi person rescue


TC1002 - Authorized Climber/Rescuer
Duration of Training
24 Hours
Student-to-Instructor Ratio
Training Compliance
OSHA 1926 & 1910
ANSI Z359 Standards
2 years