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TEP worked with Duke Energy to develop a bolted reinforcement solution to save resources and bring the structure into compliance.
The bottom line is that the tower can be upgraded much cheaper and safer than adding additional bracing.
- Pete Jernigan, PE, GC, Co-Founder, TEP


The subject site was a 315-ft Guyed tower that was designed for very light loading.  The tower owner was working to maximize revenue potential by strengthening the structure to support additional loading.  They contracted with a competitor to provide a turn-key solution.  They asked us to review and comment on the competitor’s design.  The competitors design met the strength requirements but was not the most economical.  The structure loading was governed by ice loading and the competitor was adding additional bracing which increased the ice weight significantly.


We developed an all bolted reinforcement solution that saved the client approximately $150k, was able to bring the structure into compliance with the new standard, and because our solution didn’t add extensive bracing we didn’t accumulate the additional ice weight and were able to avoid costly and dangerous foundation reinforcement that was proposed by the competitor.

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