Our Inspections Division's attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures our team's performance on a wide variety of field services are accurate and on time. We have over 150 certified tower climbers located throughout the U.S. and over 25 AWS QC1 certified weld inspectors on staff. One of our distinguishing qualities is that our engineers climb and inspect towers. We are able to perform any type of inspection or mapping and have the advantage of placing an engineer on site whenever needed.
Tower, Mount, Rooftop and Foundation Mappings
Post-Modification & Special Inspections
TIA Inspections
Guyed Tension Correction
Anchor Pull Testing
Rebar Mappings
Stealth/Concealment Tower Inspections
AWS Certified Welding Inspections
NDE Inspections
Site Audits
Aerial Drone Inspection
Sign Pole Inspection
Pre-Mod Mappings